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I’ve had a few people say to me lately that it is really hard to find vegan cosmetics, but I’ve always found it really easy, so I thought I would do a list of all the stuff that I use. Because I’m health conscious, vegan, and have really sensitive skin, I try to only use products that are as natural as possible, free of animal products, and not tested on animals (preferably approved by Choose Cruelty Free).

So here’s what I use…

Face: All my face stuff (face wash, moisturiser, scrub & mask) comes from U Little Beauty. I have pretty much all of the U Little Beauty products (I went a little crazy when they had a 75% off sale lol) They are all awesome! 

Body: For bodywash I use Dr Bronner’s Rose Liquid Soap . It’s soap in it’s purest form, so it’s ultra gentle and doesn’t dry out your skin like regular soap. And it smells amazing. I also use U Little Beauty’s body scrub (smells like coffee nom nom nom). I moisturise with olive oil most of the time, but if I’m going out or something and don’t want to be all oily I’ll use U Little Beauty’s body lotion.

Shampoo: I use Dr Bronner’s Tea Tree Liquid Soap for washing my dreadies. My dreads love it. Dreads can’t be washed with regular shampoo because they need to be kept super clean - all the conditioners and sulphates that they put in regular shampoo clog up the dreadies and makes them all yucky. From what I’ve read, Dr Brommer’s Tea Tree Liquid Soap is the most popular stuff to use to wash dreads, and it’s also really good for people that can’t use regular shampoo because they have really sensitive scalps. 

Before I had dreads, I used David Babaii shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner.  

Make up: My foundation comes from Lush. I love it - it’s the only one I’ve ever been able to find that doesn’t give me pimples, and it feels like you’re wearing moisturiser not foundation. My powder is from Grace Cosmetics (I used to use all their products and I absolutely loved them, but after my friend stopped being able to get me a discount, I decided to stop using them cos they were really expensive). My mascara and eyeliner come from Mirenesse. And my lipgloss comes from Hurraw! And that’s generally all the make up I ever wear!

I also have some eyeshadow and blush from The Body Shop, but I won’t be buying anything from there anymore now that it’s owned by L’Oreal. Once I’ve used that stuff up, I wanna get some stuff from Furless - their eyeshadows come in sooooo many pretty colours!!! I’d also buy about a zillion things from Urban Decay if I could (but they don’t do international shipping… bummer).

Nail Polish: There is only one nail polish that I use and that’s “Flower Child” by SpaRitual. It’s a deep purple colour with gold shimmers and it’s soooo nice. It’s a bit hard to find because you can only get it from nail salons, and it’s a bit expensive, but soooo worth it. It doesn’t contain any of the nasty stuff that is usually in nail polish, and it seems to last forever (I’ve been using the same bottle to paint my toe nails once a week for the past 3 years and it hasn’t started to run out or dry out yet!)

Bubbles: I looooovvveeee bubble baths, and I love using Lush’s Bubble Bars!! They smell soooooo good! =D

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